Alpha Heater Review – Does The Alpha Heater Really Work As Promised?

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What Exactly Is Alpha Heater All About?

Alpha Heater Review

Many individuals face challenges in managing heating expenses, especially with the current economic conditions. The Alpha Heater is positioned as a solution for those seeking an alternative, cost-effective way to address rising energy costs.

The Alpha Heater Portable Heater is designed to provide rapid warmth and comfort, claiming to operate at a fraction of the cost of central heating.

This portable heater utilizes PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramic heating technology for efficient heat generation. PTC heaters, like the Alpha Heater, are known for their energy efficiency, adjusting power consumption as room temperature increases.

Compared to traditional heating systems, the Alpha Heater aims to deliver quick and customizable heating, allowing users to adjust temperatures and heat only the rooms they use.

How Does The Alpha Heater Work?
The Alpha Heater employs a common heating technology where electricity passes through a metal coil, generating heat transferred to ceramic plates for even distribution. It includes an antimicrobial filter for air purification.

Safety features include a protective plastic housing to keep the outer surface cool, automatic shut-off, and tip-over protection for added security.

Alpha Heater Features:
Rapid Heating: Claims to heat a room within seconds, particularly effective in small spaces.
Affordable: Suggests potential savings on power bills, no professional installation or maintenance required.
Customizable Heating: Includes a programmable timer and remote control for personalized comfort.
Automatic Shut-Off: Features safety mechanisms to prevent overheating, with tip-over protection.
Energy Effective: Claims to lower electric bills and incur no installation or maintenance costs.
Quiet Operation: Described as operating quietly, suitable for bedrooms and workspaces.
Compact and Portable: Easy to move between rooms, promoting energy efficiency.
Durable: Marketed as a long-lasting gadget with proper maintenance.

How To Use Alpha Heater?
Operating the Alpha Heater involves simple steps, including plugging it into an electrical outlet, turning on the power switch, using the remote control for alternate operation, selecting a comfortable temperature, and setting a timer if desired.

What I Like/Dislike About Alpha Heater?

What I Like:
Claims to heat a room quickly.
Affordable pricing.
Rapid heat-up time.
Programmable timer and safety features.
Energy-efficient and portable.

What I Dislike:
Exclusively available online.
Potential counterfeit risks if not purchased from the official website.

Alpha Heater Refund Policy
The Alpha Heater offers a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase and a 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects. Contact details for support are provided.

Conclusion – Should You Consider Alpha Heater?
The Alpha Heater is presented as an option to address heating challenges, emphasizing energy efficiency, safety features, and affordability. It claims to offer a targeted heating solution without the drawbacks associated with traditional heating systems.

Alpha Heater Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will shipping take?
A. All orders will be shipped via UPS within 24 hours after order confirmation. Please allow 5-7 business days for standard delivery. You will receive an email confirmation with your tracking number after your order is shipped. You may track your package or sign up for SMS shipping alerts by visiting the carrier’s website,

Q. How safe is this heater?
A. When the internal device temperature exceeds 122°F, the device will automatically reduce its temperature to 104°F. The device will shut off automatically if the temperature exceeds 122°F three times in succession.

Q. What if the heater falls over?
A. If the device falls over, it will cease heating, blow out room temperature air for 30 seconds to emergency cool the unit, and cut off the power supply.

Q. How do I reset my heater if it tips over or overheats?
A. Follow these four simple steps:

  • Remove the obstruction or situation that caused the unit to tip over or overheat.
  • Turn off the heater to the OFF position.
  • Unplug the heater from the wall outlet and wait 5-10 minutes for the heater to cool.
  • Plug the heater back in and resume operation. If the heater continues to malfunction, you may have a defective unit; do not continue its operation. Please call customer service for an immediate replacement.

Q. How many amps and watts does this heater use?
A. 650W (Low) – 1200W (High)

Q. How large of an area does this heater cover?
A. This heater can heat rooms up to 350 square feet.

Q. Will this heater raise my utility bill?
A. No, this unit is considered energy efficient. The rate of any increase in utilities depends entirely on how often you use this heater. The heater consumes about the same amount of energy as a standard hair blow dryer on its highest setting, which is 1200W. If your electricity company charges an average of 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, then it would cost about 12 cents per hour the unit is operational. For further information, please contact your local utility company.

Q. Can I use this heater in a bathroom?
A. Most heaters should not be used in bathrooms or wet areas. Only heaters that are UL-rated for bathroom use should be used in bathrooms.

Q. Is this heater safe around children and pets?
A. Yes, as long as the appropriate amount of caution and care is taken when this heater is in operation, it is perfectly safe. This includes using extreme caution when a heater is used by or near children or pets. As a general rule, you should never leave any heater unattended. Heaters are used to produce heat and their surface might be hot to the touch.

Q. Can I plug my heater into a timer or power strip?
A. We do not recommend plugging your heaters into anything other than your wall outlet. The reason for this is due to the amount of electricity used by heaters, which may be greater than what the timer or power strip is designed for.

Q. Can I use an extension cord with this heater?
A. No, never use an extension cord or relocatable power tap (outlet/power strip). Always plug heaters directly into a wall outlet/receptacle. Do not plug any other electrical devices into the same outlet/receptacle as your heater.

Q. If I do not have polarized plugs, can I use an adapter?
A. We do not recommend using adapters to plug in heaters. Consult a professional for proper electrical use.