Neuro Balance Therapy Review – Does the Neuro Balance Therapy Really Work?


What Exactly Is The Neuro Balance Therapy Program All About?

Neuro Balance Therapy Review

Are you concerned about maintaining balance and confidence as you age? The Neuro Balance Therapy program offers a series of exercises aimed at improving physical stability. Developed by certified balance specialist Chris Wilson, this program incorporates a specially designed rubber ball to stimulate key nerves in the feet, potentially reducing the risk of falls.

The Neuro Balance Therapy program is intended for individuals seeking to enhance their balance, particularly those aged 60 and above. It introduces a sequence of movements using a specially designed rubber ball to activate dormant nerves in the feet, linked to muscles in the toes, ankles, and lower legs.

Chris Wilson, inspired by the success story of a client, developed the program. In a study with 100 participants over 60, incorporating a nerve-wakeup spike ball into their daily routine, 97% reported feeling stronger and more stable within two weeks.

How Does Neuro Balance Therapy Work?

The program focuses on the Peroneal Nerve in the foot, crucial for movement. As individuals age, this nerve may weaken, leading to mobility challenges. The program aims to reinvigorate the nerve through exercises and the use of a spike ball, potentially improving balance and stability.

What Is Included in Neuro Balance Therapy?

The program includes a DVD with simple workouts suitable for all fitness levels, a nerve-wakeup spike ball, an introduction video, and three levels of exercise videos. Two bonus guides on fall-proofing your home and a downloadable version of the program are also provided.

Who Should Use Neuro Balance Therapy?

The program is designed for individuals aged 18 and above looking to improve balance. It may not be suitable for those with heart conditions or serious medical issues.

What’s Liked and Disliked About Neuro Balance Therapy?

Positive aspects include improved equilibrium, strengthened ankle and foot, reduced risk of falls, non-invasive treatment, and a 60-day money-back guarantee. It requires commitment and regular practice. Individual results may vary based on medical history.

Neuro Balance Therapy Refund Policy:

The program offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, excluding shipping and handling fees.

Final Verdict:

Neuro Balance Therapy, developed by Chris Wilson, aims to address balance concerns in individuals aged 60 and above. It incorporates exercises and a specially designed spike ball. While it requires commitment, the program offers positive benefits, and users have a 60-day money-back guarantee.


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