Vital Tac Flashlight Review – Does The Vital Tac Flashlight Really Work As Promised?

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What Exactly Is Vital Tac Flashlight All About?

Vital Tac Flashlight Review

Your smartphone likely comes with a built-in flashlight, but for enhanced versatility, illumination, durability, and ergonomics, consider the Vital Tac Flashlight. This flashlight offers reliable features similar to more expensive alternatives.

The Vital Tac Flashlight is a high-quality tactical flashlight designed for practical use. It provides ample brightness for clear visibility, suitable for various activities. Additionally, it is compact and lightweight, making it convenient to carry.

This gadget is water-resistant and durable, suitable for different weather conditions. It features four modes, including low, strobe, medium, and high, providing flexibility for different situations.

How Does the Vital Tac Flashlight Work?

The Vital Tac Flashlight utilizes a powerful LED bulb for illumination. Its brightness and modes can be easily controlled through a tail switch. The flashlight is powered by a rechargeable 18,650 battery, offering up to 10 hours of runtime on low mode.


Super Bright LED: The flashlight provides ample brightness for various outdoor activities.
Compact and Powerful: Its compact design allows for easy portability without compromising performance.
Weatherproof: With an IPX5 waterproof rating, it can withstand different weather conditions.
Versatile: The flashlight offers different modes to adjust the light strength for various needs.
Easy to Use: Featuring a simple button for hassle-free operation.
Long-Lasting Illumination: The reliable battery offers extended usage up to 15 hours.

How to Use the Vital Tac Flashlight:

Power Up: Activate the flashlight by pressing the trigger at the base.
Customize Brightness: Adjust brightness levels by twisting the sleeve around the front lens.
Explore Versatile Modes: Cycle through different lighting modes using the trigger.


Clear visibility for up to 500 meters.
Adjustable brightness and focus.
Strobe and SOS modes for various situations.
Water-resistant and shockproof.
Convenient single-button control.


Exclusively available for online purchase on the official website.

Refund Policy:

The Vital Tac Flashlight comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 dаys from the date of purchase. Additionally, there’s a 1-year warranty covering manufacturing defects.


If you’re in search of a reliable and easy-to-use flashlight for various situations, the Vital Tac Flashlight is a suitable option. Keep in mind that it is exclusively available on the official website. Take advantage of discounts and special offers while stocks last. For inquiries, contact support at or +1 (844)-844-0206.

Vital Tac Flashlight Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will shipping take?
A. This is an American-owned business that doesn’t believe it should take 45 dаys to receive your product from China. Orders are sent from our New Jersey warehouse via USPS, FedEx, UPS, or DHL for international customers, depending on the speed and efficiency of delivery. The product will be shipped within 48 business hours. Please allow between 5-7 dаys for standard delivery. You will receive a tracking link via email after your order is shipped.

Q. How do I change the batteries of the flashlight?
A. To change the batteries of the flashlight, unscrew the tail cap, and insert three AAA batteries or one 18,650 battery into the battery holder. Ensure proper alignment of the positive and negative terminals, then tighten the tail cap securely.

Q. How do I charge the 18,650 battery of the flashlight?
A. To charge the 18,650 battery, use a compatible charger for lithium-ion batteries. Plug the charger into any standard outlet or USB port, insert the 18,650 battery, and wait until it is fully charged.

Q. How do I switch between the modes of the flashlight?
A. To switch between modes, press the button on the tail cap once to turn on the flashlight. Press the button again within three seconds to cycle through the modes: high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS. To turn off the flashlight, press the button for more than three seconds.

Q. How do I adjust the zoom of the flashlight?
A. To adjust the zoom, slide the head of the flashlight forward or backward to change the focus of the beam from wide to narrow.